Bike Accessories You Can’t Do Without

Just like the other mode of transportation such as boat or cars, the bike works also well even at its own basics. Just like how some car owners would have elaborate paint jobs and decals on their cars, there are a few things you can do to your bike as well. These things come in form of bike accessories. Most of these accessories are very crucial while others are referred as optional but make the biking experience a lot more practical.

Essential bike accessories aren’t necessarily items that you put on the bike itself. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are basic bicycle safety equipment that you just can’t do without. Since bikes generally do not have airbags and seatbelts, these items must be with one when one takes the bike out for a ride; and also this is not negotiable. Having these items on doesn’t just save you from potential accidents, you also get to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Another vital item that one requires but may or may not come with the bike purchase is mainly a bike lock. Bike locks don’t just protect your bike(sykkel) from getting awarded with a new owner; they also affix your bike to a safe spot. The last thing you want to happen is inadvertently causing a traffic accident because your bike strolled into the middle of the road.

If you use your bike(birk) to travel a considerable distance under the scorching sun, water bottle holders might be of some use to you. Biking is good exercise. Sweating due to exercise and due to the hot sun can lead to you getting dehydrated quickly. A bottle of ice water strapped on to your bike’s frame should come in handy.

Air pumps are great accessories for your bike(landeveissykkel). Some pumps are designed specifically for them, allowing you to just clamp them somewhere on your bike’s frame. These will be useful for temporarily fixing any tire mishaps where you can’t afford to walk your bike home.

Another accessories item is a bit of an alternative to reflective stickers: reflective clothing. If you don’t have any reflective stickers on your bike, then don your reflective clothing when biking at night so as to reduce the chances of other vehicles bumping into you due to lack of visibility.

Mirrors are also a bike(elsykkel) accessory item, but make biking a lot more practical. By installing side mirrors on your bike, you can avoid speeding vehicles that may not have seen you.

Finally, bikes rarely come with reflectors. You will need to find some if your bike currently doesn’t have it. These will make your biking trips a lot safer from other motorists.